Cocktails & Conversation
Cocktails & Conversation
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COCKTAILS & CONVERSATIONS…Fashionistas, Influencers and Trendsetters…This is the perfect match for you! Cocktails & Conversation is a truly unique and eye catching 2 Pc set made with fine imported materials. This set gives new meaning to the word “Lingerie”! The slightly higher waisted skirt is made to create the perfect hour glass shape and the lace bra is the cherry on top. Every woman will feel absolutely gorgeous once she slips this little number on. Hand Wash – MADE IN THE USA. This is one of our BEST SELLERS….You will want it in all 3 colors!!! We named it exactly that for that reason: Cocktails & Conversation.So appropriately named and you never know where it will lead, results will vary, but for sure the conversation will be engaging, clever, aggressive, imaginative, quick-witted and fun as hell!.What will you wear that evening?
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I bought the Red one!!!
Rating: 5.0
Simply perfect.... I loved the red one ..Its Sexy!!!... More
I bought the Red One and its really Sexy
Rating: 5.0
I bought the red one and its really stunning.....It fits my body well ....I will buy all the other two colors also!!!!... More
Itzzzzzzz Gorgeous
Rating: 5.0
I love this very much ...Hubby bought for me for our anniversary....Its Comfortable... More
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