Belle D'Amour

About Us

About Us

How It All Started

I have always loved designing, fashion and most of all exquisite lingerie – sometimes it takes something awful to make you realize how precious life is and how short it is – That moment for me was March 2015 – It brought me back…back to who I used to be.

Treat yourself and enter our world and discover the secret of becoming a Belle D’Amour woman. Elegant yet provoking. Graceful yet provocative. Angelic with a hint of danger and mystery. The Belle D’Amour woman is always an enigma; she seduces by revealing just enough: hinting at her secrets and leaving the rest to the imagination. What is revealed matters just as much as what is chosen not to be exposed.


Pure and simply stated, you get what you put in….give it your best and only good can come from it. Understandably, we have good and bad days as well as fantastic experiences and horrible ones, but the light within is always there. We choose to snuff it out….Nothing significant happens when we hold back…..thus..…Presence is born….I have discovered myself.

Our Lingerie

Lingerie to me is like jewelry – it’s all beautiful – but some you like more than others. It is always a good reason to treat yourself – it is always a good thing to be spoiled – Belle D’Amour is very feminine, delicate, provocative, flirtatious, beautiful, sexy and luxurious. It will make you feel exactly like that – made with the finest materials – Come Discover Belle D’Amour!

Belle D’Amour For Girls

As I was designing and creating, I imagined your little ones being with you and wanting something beautiful, dainty and special too. Belle D’Amour for Girls was born to offer something that would allow grandma to spoil her granddaughter or you mom, just wanting to get something for your baby girl. Who else is going to spoil her better:-)

My Story

This is the story of all stories, let’s just say life never goes according to your plans; there are always unexpected curves, turns and surprises…some good…some bad. Just like all of you, I had dreams, I was sure I was destined for greatness. I had planned my life from A to Z…..Right!! The reality is NOTHING like what you plan. What a journey it has been, filled with smooth sailings, rocky roads and everything in between. This is what makes us….us…this is how we become who we are. This is why, I believe, we are the superior sex

Women are stronger and more powerful than most people think! A long, long time ago, I started this journey; this is what I wanted to do, always. My smooth sailings and rocky roads led me back to what I have always loved: design and creation to make beautiful pieces. I hope you love them as much as I have loved creating them for you. Merci Beaucoup everyone!!!

In life you are either a passenger or a pilot, it’s your choice. It’s always your choice.

A Bit of History

Tulle is the name of the city where lace was made in France in the 1870’s, my great grandparents owned one of the largest and very well known factory back then, the name was “Le Tulle PRILLIEZ.” Prilliez is the name of my 2nd mom. They became very famous in 1890’s because the product was discovered in Paris on a ballet dancer as a little skirt that became known as the “TUTU” (tutu is an abbreviation for tulle). Eventually, they opened a larger factory in Calais in the north of France because my great grandma was very ill and the cold sea air near the North Sea was better for her condition, leukemia. Also, since they were doing business with England and Calais was only 30 miles away by boat, it was ideal. The best French Laces come from Calais.

Unfortunately, 1914 was the beginning of WWI and everything was destroyed, that was the end of the Tulle Prilliez until now. Somehow I found myself perpetuating the love of the old art and the love of Lace and tulle. Nothing ever dies. My husband, who is my pillar couldn’t be prouder of me. Merci Encore!!