Our lingerie is our signature. We traveled the world to bring you the most elegant fabrics that truly help bring meaning to the words "luxury" and "couture". Our pieces were made with you in mind; to make each woman feel beautiful, desired, and glamorous. Each collection item is designed to hug your curves, accentuate every feature, and celebrate what it means to be a woman; a Belle D’Amour woman. 

We couldn’t have stopped at amazing Dresses, Gowns, Swimsuits, and more without creating our Lounge & Lingerie items. Keeping with our values and love of creating, we have crafted items that we know will make you look fabulous!

With a focus on exquisite fabrics, styles, cuts, unique designs; from classic to cutting edge, the looks are totally inspired by you, for you; the confident & sexy woman. Most of our pieces have been well thought out in the choice of fabrics as well as trims placed particularly where they are for a reason. You will fall in love with yourself all over again! The Cocktails & Conversation Set is the ultimate proof. When you slip them on, you will immediately see what we mean as far as the luxurious feel, the immaculate fit, and how it shows your newly found silhouette. You may not recognize the lady in the mirror!

Our Robes/Dusters are just pure beauty, luxury, delicious, glamorous, and star quality. There are so many ways to pair them with anything; over a swimsuit, over a sheath dress, over a tank top & jeans, over a jumpsuit, or over a chemise on a Sunday morning. You decide! The "Animal Instinct Completely Reversible Robe/Duster" is heavenly; so iconic of a rock star. It is the piece that brings it all together. You might get 2 just to have!